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Bogoda Premaratne (1921 - 2013)
The Royal College Union announces with a deep sense of regret, the demise of Mr Bogoda Premaratne, former Principal of Royal College. 
Reign at Royal College

Royal College has a glorious history of individuals who have held office as Principals and shaped the destinies of many Royalists, some of whom have held the highest offices in public life as distinguished statesmen, politicians, academics, and a host of 
professional positions.

Mr Bogoda was instrumental in serving Royal College as Principal from January 1967 – January 1975 and Vice Principal from January 1959 – October 1966. His term at Royal College saw the opening of the Swimming pool and the revision of the College song in Sinhala in the year 1968.

Reed House was inaugurated in 1970. He was the First Buddhist Principal to govern Royal College and is known to be of a firm yet mild demure which was reason enough for students to be disciplined well before his cane reached them.

President J R Jayawardena during his tenure proposed Bogoda Premaratne as Deshabandu (a National Honours of Sri Lanka, a civil honour awarded by the Government of Sri Lanka). He was duly awarded this honour in May 1989.

Early Life

Born on 15 March 1921, Bogoda Appuhamilage Premaratne, studied in Ananda College during which time his interest in being an educationist fostered. He entered the Teacher Training School and trained as a teacher. He obtained his B.A. (London) and M.A. Ed. (Teachers College, Columbia University. New York, NY) and was the First Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) to receive the UNESCO award of Teachers Education Fellowship (U.S.A.).

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