• 135th Battle of the Blues

    The 135th consecative vie for the D.S. Senanayake Trophy between Royalists and Thomian concluded in a draw, after three days of deafening cheer, sportsmanship and friendly rivalry on March 15 at S.S.C.

  • Athletic Prowess

    Determination. Endurance. Self-motivation.
    By learning to play the game, athletes at Royal strive to make a mark on the arena.


  • When all hearts beat in unison

    Team spirit is one key feature that sets Royalists apart.
    Showcasing theirs in the spirit of Royal, are the students who have lined up for the Annual Road Race.

  • First day at Royal

    One of the fondest memories for a Royalist.

    The grade 6 students are all smiles as they open a new chapter in their school boy career by stepping through the Boake gates of Royal. .

More than 160 doctors including 45 consultants volunteered their time to screen and provide treatment for 275...
30 March 2014
The 135th consecutive Roy-Tho concluded in a draw, but had epic moments that challenged both sides to bring out their talents and...
27 March 2014
Organized by the ICT Advisory and Management Committee since July 2012, the IT day provides a platform for students to form perspectives in the many dimensions of...
27 March 2014
The minted gold coin with the crest engraved on it will be used for tosses in all future matches starting from the 135th Battle of the...
24 March 2014
Played for the Chulaka De Zoysa Memorial...
11 March 2014
As an exemplary old Royalist Air Marshal Kolitha Goonathilake said that the foundation of values and personal integrity received during his school...
7 March 2014
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